There has been more than one occasion when Boston Paternity has received frantic phone calls from customers seeking fast immigration drug tests. For one reason or another, they have faced delays in their visa applications and are searching for solutions. Though we always help our clients as best we can, there are a few reasons […]

Boston Paternity is always keeping up with the latest news related to immigration DNA testing and the controversial immigration restrictions proposed by the Trump administration which began and was frozen quickly at the end of January. In early February, a federal appeals panel maintained the freeze on the President’s ban. The countries impacted by this […]

So, you’ve completed DNA testing for immigration purposes, and your loved ones overseas will be going into the US Embassy for their interview. Boston Paternity’s case managers work closely with our clients and have built lasting relationships with Embassies around the world. That said, we have gathered information we love to pass along to our […]

Between movies, TV shows, and the rumors we hear every day, it’s no surprise that there are many people out there who believe a few of the myths they hear about immigration. As a company that completes DNA tests for immigration every day, Boston Paternity knows the ins and outs of US Embassies around the […]

Much like passport photos, visa photos have specific standards that must stay adhered to. Much like having DNA tests for immigration completed to streamline your immigration visa, having the appropriate photo submitted can make your application process easier. Boston Paternity has a few tricks we have learned over the years for acceptable photos. Keep the […]