Between movies, TV shows, and the rumors we hear every day, it’s no surprise that there are many people out there who believe a few of the myths they hear about immigration. As a company that completes DNA tests for immigration every day, Boston Paternity knows the ins and outs of US Embassies around the […]

Much like passport photos, visa photos have specific standards that must stay adhered to. Much like having DNA tests for immigration completed to streamline your immigration visa, having the appropriate photo submitted can make your application process easier. Boston Paternity has a few tricks we have learned over the years for acceptable photos. Keep the […]

Between potential language barriers and understanding various government rules from different countries, Boston Paternity’s Case Managers often receive more questions than just those about immigration DNA tests when we meet with new clients. One topic we get a lot questions about is exactly what a US immigration visa allows a person to do. To make […]

For many, seeking out DNA testing in Massachusetts is not an ordinary occurrence, and you might even have questions regarding the potential paternity DNA tests you could take. In some cases, mothers and possible fathers are seeking legal proof of paternal relation before the birth of their child, and many do not realize that prenatal […]

In November, the United States elected Donald Trump as the next President. The 70 days to follow involved many questions of what his 4-year plan would truly be when he finally took office, including his very public stance on immigration. With his presidential inauguration just around the corner, Boston Paternity wants to highlight some of […]