3 Ways Rushing Your Immigration Visa Can Cause Delays

Posted on March 29, 2017

There has been more than one occasion when Boston Paternity has received frantic phone calls from AABB immigration DNA testing from Boston Paternitycustomers seeking fast immigration drug tests. For one reason or another, they have faced delays in their visa applications and are searching for solutions. Though we always help our clients as best we can, there are a few reasons you should never attempt to rush through your immigration visa.

You can neglect/forget/misunderstand important information

When you don’t have a professional helping you through the immigration process, there is a high possibility there will be mistakes on your application. Boston Paternity always suggests hiring an immigration attorney to ensure every question is answered fully, all instructions are followed, and every form used is up-to-date.

These mistakes can, in turn, lead to further questioning and denial

Even with the painstaking hours, you have spent on your immigration paperwork, even what you might consider a small mistake could lead to an impending rejection or further questioning.  Both or one of these results will, in turn, causes further delays.

Re-filing, reconsideration, or appealing your denial adds time and expense

If your application has been denied, there are a few options for those looking to try again, though it comes at the cost of time and money. On top of the weeks and months you have already spent completing the initial paperwork, you will once again be subjected to the same process over again or must petition your case.

Fortunately, choosing Boston Paternity means selecting a business that is excited and willing to work with you. Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of immigration DNA testing, have AABB accredited testing, has the knowledge to get these tests completed the first time correctly and can increase your chances of having your visa accepted.

With more questions with how we can help you, call the expert case managers at Boston Paternity today at (800) 362-3588.