How Accurate is DNA Testing?

Posted on April 25, 2017

When you work with as many clients as Boston Paternity does for DNA testing in MA, you receive lots of immigration dna testingquestions regarding the reputability and quality of your testing. Rightfully so, customers want to ensure the results they are getting are as exact as possible, so we will answer the age old question: How accurate is our DNA testing?

To start, it’s best to describe the kind of DNA testing Boston Paternity completes. Our USCIS tests are AABB accredited, which means we are required to meet a particular quality standard for our machines, facility, and employees to provide the most precise and consistent results possible. Accreditation is achieved with strict guidelines which take somewhere between 6-9 months to receive and is internationally recognized. With the goal to continuously improve the safety of collection, processing, testing, distributing, and administering products, AABB accredited facilities are always making improvements to their procedures and facilities.

That being said, Boston Paternity will only provide the most accurate test results for our customers every time they work with us. Our DNA tests are 100% accurate, and our legal testing is court-admissible in all 50 states. Since 1999, we have been helping families and individuals prove relationships for a variety of reasons, and will continue to do so with our strict testing protocols and standards.

Not only is our goal to give our clients accurate results, but we also want these tests to be affordable. Our mission is to help as many individuals as possible, and our skilled team of experts is there to make the DNA testing process in Massachusetts easiest for everyone involved. Whether it is for peace of mind or immigration, we reach all of our services the same and provide the care every person deserves.

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