Can I do a Legal DNA Test without the other person knowing?

Posted on June 20, 2012

One of the types of paternity tests we offer at Boston Paternity is the Legal DNA Test. A Legal DNA Test can be used for personal reasons but can be used as well for legal reasons such as: custody, child support, change of name on a birth certificate, and inheritances. The fact that you are collected in a clinic and present your ID and sign the legal authorizations we provide for the testing, allows the DNA test report to be notarized, which is what makes the document legally admissible in court.

A great part of our inquiries surround the issue of confidentiality. We understand that DNA testing is a very private matter, and that the results of it directly affect your life and the life of your family members. Because of this reason, we exercise discretion and confidentiality in any way that we can. One of the main questions that we receive on a daily basis is if there is a way that we can do a Legal DNA Test without the other person who is being tested knowing. If the person who is being tested is an adult, the answer is no. Every adult that is tested has to sign a chain of custody, which is a legally binding authorization form for the DNA test. However, if the test is going to be done between a potential father and a child, it is not necessary for the mother to be present for testing. Given a case for example, where someone wants the potential father to do a Legal Paternity test without him knowing, there is no way this can be done. The potential father must be aware that he is going to be collected for a Legal DNA test, and must authorize such collection by signing the Chain of Custody.

If you are in a situation, where you do not want the potential father or child to find out about the testing and you do not need the test for legal purposes, you can always do a Non-Legal DNA Test, also known as the home kit. For a Non-legal DNA Test, we send you the materials that you will use to collect the potential father and child, which you will send to our Lab for testing. If you choose to collect the father and/or child in a discreet way without them knowing, that is a decision you can make since this test is not admissible in court and can only be used for personal reasons. In one of our next posts, we’ll discuss your options for testing DNA in a discreet way.

In the case that you have a specific paternity situation, and are not clear of what options apply to your case, you can always contact a trusted DNA testing company, such as Boston Paternity. We will be glad to inform you of all the alternatives that can apply to your individual situation.

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  • Elisa miller says:

    Need to find a way to check paternity without father or daughter knowing. What do I do?

  • vickie whitney says:

    my boyfirend had been paying child support for a child that is not his. We would like to do a at home DNA TEST ON THE CHILD (SWABBING HER MOUTH). we believe we have found the father and he is denying that he is the father of this child. The child mother is lying as well. Just swabbing my boyfriends mouth (to take him out of the equation) for legal and swabbing the childs mouth only is enough too determine who is not the father. Does the mother have to be swab as well which she will not do. Than You

  • Susan (baby daddy momma) The Grandma says:

    The Mother cheated on my son and he found out, but only after moving to PA. and the baby was 1yr. He loves the lil baby, and does not want to do a dna test. I know this girl is gonna get real nasty with him and take him for all she can. He has no one where he is, but he will not leave that baby. I love the baby too. I really need to know if she is his. What or how should i do this?
    Thank you a most concern mother for her son!
    and my grand baby!!!

  • Marie says:

    I want a DNA test done on my step-son because I don’t believe my husband is the father. I have been with my husband for 10 years and I have stated that he does not look like you. My husbands EX has slept with my husbands brother and I am just wondering if there is a possibility. The only thing is that we can not get anything from my husband brother is there anything we can do.

  • Debbie says:

    Want to know if my Dad of 56 years is truly my biological father. My mom left him for a short time and the window for me to be his is short. He says I am. I say how? I don’t want him to know I’m doing it so not to hurt his feelings. If he isn’t, it would answer a lot of questions I have. This is not for anything else but personal information. He is 78 now and I just need to know how to do it…what’s types of things could I get without his knowledge. I hope there is a way. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you so much.


  • Jillian says:

    Is it illegal to do a paternity test without the mother’s consent

  • Jillian says:

    Me and My ex was dating and he believes he’s the father of my child and gave her DNA without my consent is that illegal? If so what kind of charges can be filed?

  • Maranda says:

    Hi I’m currently 6 months pregnant & not sure if it’s my husband’s child. How can I secretly do a dna test with him without him knowing?

  • kedeidre says:

    Can u do a DNA test without the father DNA and just the child’s dna

  • kedeidre says:

    Can u do a DNA test if the father is 17

  • G Harkin says:

    My husband has accused me of having two children who are not his. I want to prove that he is the only one who could be the father. I don’t want the two adult children to know his feelimgs toward them . Can I use a tooth brush or hairbrush?

  • william says:

    The mother isn’t available for a DNA test can I find out if my child is really mine without her? I’m paying child support and a couple of year ago I was told by my ex she cheated so I need to know if she’s mine or not how much is the test?

  • Shyicka Vincent says:

    my kids father had a baby on me with someone else but he refused to take the test can I swap my son for DNA for her son