How to Become a United States Citizen: DNA Testing for Immigration Purposes

Posted on July 25, 2013

It is no secret that becoming a legal citizen can be a long and tedious process. Mass amounts of paperwork, time, and energy go in to being granted citizenship, and having a company that can aid along this process is important. Boston Paternity can do just that. Immigration DNA Testing is one way that cases can be sped up because they provide solid proof of relation to the people involved. Boston Paternity only provides AABB Accredited lab tests (the only tests accepted for immigration purposes) to people every day; all you need to do is complete these four easy steps:

Step 1: Pick up the phone and call Boston Paternity: 1-800-362-3588. By doing this you will be provided with a case manager who will give you all of the necessary information needed to proceed with your case. Your personal case manager receives all of your initial information and assigns you a case number for quick referencing on later calls. Once the process has begun, your case manager will schedule an appointment for you and the AABB accredited lab will send the materials to the US Embassy of the country that your family members are in.


Step 2: Go to your DNA Collection Appointment. In order to get the results, you must show up to your appointment. Boston Paternity has strong relationships with all collection sites to make sure that all tests are done properly and efficiently. Once you are collected, your sample will be sent to the AABB accredited lab and will be held there until the lab receives the sample for your beneficiaries in the foreign country. Boston Paternity will keep in touch with the Embassy to ensure contact has been made with the beneficiary.


Step 3: Wait for your beneficiaries to be contacted by the Embassy with an appointment to get collected. The turnaround time for every Embassy is different, but Boston Paternity will stay in contact with you and the Embassy to make sure you have the most up-to-date, accurate information about what is going on. If your deadline is approaching and you need an extension request, Boston paternity will send one on your behalf to USCIS for an extra 90 days (when applicable).


Step 4: Your beneficiaries go to the appointment at the Embassy.  Once your beneficiary is scheduled, and goes to their appointment, their sample is shipped from the Embassy to the AABB accredited lab that is holding the petitioner’s sample. Once all of the samples are received the lab can start processing the DNA test, which takes 3-5 business days. As soon as results are in, your case manager will contact you. Your case manager will then send the original test results once everything is paid in full to the Embassy and the copies to you through email, fax, or U.S. Mail. Your results are then tracked by your case manager to ensure safe and timely arrival to the Embassy.


By completing these four simple steps, you or your family members are that much closer to becoming United States citizens. You can contact your Boston Paternity Case Manager whenever you have questions or just need someone to talk with during this difficult time. Our main goal is to help you bring your family to the United States as fast as possible. A Boston Paternity Case Manager will make sure that happens.

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