Why Should You Know Your Family’s Medical History?

Posted on November 30, 2017

Boston Paternity DNA TestingBoston Paternity wants all of our customers to stay safe and live life to their fullest potential. One of the less common reasons we perform paternity and maternity DNA testing in Boston is for individuals looking to complete their family’s medical history. There are so many reasons this is critical for your health, but here are some of the most important:

Can help provide warning signs for your future

Prevention is the essential first step you should take when it comes to health risks, and a full medical history of other family members can help you prepare. If you have a family member who was diagnosed with a disease or cancer at a young age, have multiple family members with the same or similar diseases or cancers, or specific combinations of disease or cancers, you will want to know this information well in advance.

Helps you learn what lifestyle behaviors you should have

If your family is prone to a specific disease or cancer or other unusual risks, you can adjust your lifestyle to support your health. Because diseases are impacted by environment, lifestyle, and genes, you can significantly lower your chances just by making small changes to your diet and exercise. This is great not only for you but your children or future children.

Can help identify diseases and other concerns

There are a variety of diseases and other health concerns that are hereditary but can be difficult to detect if your family’s medical history is unknown. Having this information can help medical professionals assess you and provide the necessary next steps to preserve or improve your health.

How can paternity or maternity tests help?

If you are unsure of who your biological parents are but have access to the individuals you believe are, DNA testing can help. Companies like Boston Paternity are dedicated to providing accurate DNA test results, which can help you identify family members and unveil truths about their medical history that might impact your future.

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