What is Merit-Based Immigration?

Posted on April 11, 2017

Immigration reform continues to be a hot topic in politics as Donald Trump heads into his fourth month ofAABB immigration DNA testing from Boston Paternity
presidency. After the first travel ban had been put in place back in January, lawyers and other legal officials fought the executive order placed, which created a temporary restraining order and believed the ban to be unconstitutional. Boston Paternity is always focused on the different ways our DNA testing can be impacted for immigration purposes and these newer developments for the future of the ban.

The original list of countries affected by this ban was Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, and Syria. Since the revision of the order has been more, Iraq was removed from the list. This revised ban does not impact those with green cards or those already with visas. In addition to these revisions to the ban, President Trump also mentions following a “merit-based” program similar to Canada and Australia.

Currently, the United States bases many immigration application acceptances off of family relationships. This new program will be designed to enhance the United States with individuals who can support themselves financially, according to a speech President Trump gave to Congress at the beginning of March. What will define the merit-based system are still up in the air, but 13 states have now backed the President in this order with the hopes to relieve some of the burdens on taxpayers and for lower-income citizens who are searching for jobs.

Debates for either side of the argument continue to exist regarding the efficiency of this system, but what matter most to Boston Paternity it to continue to provide our clients with the best DNA tests for immigration possible and help reunite them with their families.

Our AABB-accredited facility and case manager will work with you every step of the way and get you the results you need as quickly as possible and will work with you to get you into the country to be with your loved ones once again.

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