Mom Birthed Naturally Conceived Child That Is Not Hers

Posted on October 25, 2017

Intriguing DNA results are fascinating to the Boston Paternity team, and we wanted to recap an old storypaternity dna testing that started in 2002 and reported in 2006 by ABC News.

Lydia Fairchild was a mother of two and another baby on the way when she and her boyfriend, Justin Townsend, broke up. Without a steady income, Fairchild applied for state benefits. The State Prosecutor’s Office required a paternity DNA test and to aid the testing process, Lydia provided her personal DNA samples.

It wasn’t long before results came in and they found her two children were, in fact, not related to her biologically. From there, an investigation was launched. It wasn’t long before every imaginable accusation was said. It wasn’t until Fairchild’s third child’s birth, under the supervision of police officials, did they take another DNA test and find even this child did not have a biological relation to her.

What many didn’t know was across the country in Boston, MA, DNA testing was being completed for another woman by the name of Karen Keegan, who was searching for a match for an urgent kidney transplant. Her three sons were tested for organ matches and they found two sons back without a biological connection.

In 2014, it was discovered that both women have chimera. When Fairchild and Keegan were both conceived, two eggs fused together, containing two separate DNA blueprints. Both women contain the DNA blueprint of two people within their own body, and their children were born with the DNA of that second egg, which would be considered their unborn twin.

DNA is a fantastic and complex system, and the team at Boston Paternity would love to help you understand it more! There is still so much to learn, and our experts work every day to keep up to date on these rare cases and understand how DNA even more.

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