Myths About the Immigration Process

Posted on February 8, 2017

DNA testing in BostonBetween movies, TV shows, and the rumors we hear every day, it’s no surprise that there are many people out there who believe a few of the myths they hear about immigration. As a company that completes DNA tests for immigration every day, Boston Paternity knows the ins and outs of US Embassies around the world. Our experts want you to have the best information possible when applying for your visa, so here are a few debunked misconceptions for your information.

Anyone may come to the United States

On the contrary, being permitted into the US with an immigrant visa is not as simple as walking into the US Embassy for a visit. There are many misconceptions about how lenient officers and other professionals are for accepting applications. However, there are plenty of seemingly small mistakes that will lead to a denial, including the inability to provide evidence of biological relation to a family member already located in the US.

The visa application is incredibly complex

Boston Paternity will not lie and say that visa applications are simple and straightforward, but there are resources and ways to make the application process much more simplified. For example, when you work with us to complete DNA testing for immigration, you are assigned a case manager who will work with you to ensure your tests are completed correctly and will put you on the path to success.

You need connections in the Embassy to get a visa

Visas are not about who you know: it’s about fulfilling qualifications that will permit you into the country. By law, officers and other US Embassy officials are not able to allow entrance to or unofficially assist visa applicants in any way. Simply knowing someone who works in the Embassy will not improve your chances of getting a permit.

Serving over 20 countries around the world has allowed us to create meaningful and reliable connections to various US Embassies, and Boston Paternity would love to work with you to reunite your family once again. If you have more questions about our services, please call us today at (800) 362-3588.