The Next Steps for the Immigration Ban

Posted on March 14, 2017

Boston Paternity is always keeping up with the latest news related to immigration DNA testing and the DNA Testing for Immigrationcontroversial immigration restrictions proposed by the Trump administration which began and was frozen quickly at the end of January. In early February, a federal appeals panel maintained the freeze on the President’s ban. The countries impacted by this ban include Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan.

In recent days, President Trump signed a new executive order on immigration which places a 90-day ban on six of these same countries. Iraq was removed from the list. This order, which will take effect on March 16, also includes a 120-day ban on all refugees.

According to White House officials, the reasoning for the removal of Iraq from the travel ban is because of their increased screening and information sharing with the United States. This order also removes the open-ended ban on Syrian refugees and allows the State Department’s pre-approved refugees to still enter the country.

The controversies which surrounds the reasoning for immigration restrictions have been argued on either side of the table, but those interests do not impact Boston Paternity’s want or ability to provide for our customers. Our focus continues to be helping our clients understand our services, immigration DNA testing prices, and other similar areas of question to ensure the process as easy as possible.

Fortunately, Boston Paternity also offers case managers to every one of our immigration clients. This means having your questions answered regarding the ban and traveling into the United States. As the days and weeks move forward, we will continue to adjust and align with the rules set in place by our government while promising our clients to help them any way we possibly can.

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