PA Considers Expanding Post-Conviction DNA Testing

Posted on May 12, 2017

Following the phenomenon that was Netflix’s Making a Murder, post-conviction DNA testing has been aForensic testing concern and question for many. Boston Paternity wants to keep our customers well-informed, and soon it seems Pennsylvania could be expanding their post-conviction DNA testing laws which currently prohibits those who have been convicted of crimes from accessing.

According to CBS Philly, Anthony Wright was the primary testimony in a state Senate hearing. After serving 25 years in prison for a 1991 murder, Wright was found not guilty in a retrial after DNA tests were performed. He jumped through many hoops to be granted this testing through the Supreme Court. Wright hopes his testimonial will make accessing these resources easier for those who have been wrongfully convicted.

Lawmakers and other officials expressed concern for a much-needed balance in this law if it were to be expanded to avoid wasted resources for cases that are not applicable. The Innocence Project states since 1989, there have been tens of thousands of cases where suspects have been pursued and identified prior to conviction until DNA testing proves their innocence.

Though it is still yet to be determined if changes will be made in this law, keeping up with DNA testing news is what makes Boston Paternity a go-to DNA testing facility in Boston, MA. We have the expert forensic DNA testing services many are searching for. Accredited by Forensic Quality Services – International, we can provide customized service to meet the needs of each client.

Our team will be truthful and accurate DNA case review, evidence screening and testing, and expert witness testimony to ensure those who have committed crimes are held responsible while those wrongfully accused and/or convicted can be freed from these burdens.

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