How to Take an Acceptable Visa Photo

Posted on January 25, 2017

Free Immigration Case ConsultationMuch like passport photos, visa photos have specific standards that must stay adhered to. Much like having DNA tests for immigration completed to streamline your immigration visa, having the appropriate photo submitted can make your application process easier. Boston Paternity has a few tricks we have learned over the years for acceptable photos.

  • Keep the background a relaxed, uniform white color without shadows
  • Ensure the photo is focused and clear
  • Pull hair out of the face, and remove hats or other objects similar that cause shadows
  • The subject should be facing the camera head on with a neutral expression.
  • Avoid the subject tilting their head up or down
  • Photos should be a 51×51 mm size with the subject’s head centered in the middle
  • Keep camera at least four feet away from the subject to avoid fish-eye distortion
  • Subject should be looking into the camera lens
  • Appropriate lighting is necessary to depict accurate skin tones
  • Avoid shadows and photography that is over or underexposed
  • Printed photo is free of pixilation or imperfections caused by the printer
  • For those with glasses:
    • Ensure there is no glare on the glasses
    • Pupils and irises must be clear and visible
    • Tinted glasses are not acceptable
  • For children:
    • Child must be facing the camera with open eyes
    • No other person can be in the photo, holding the child or otherwise

Having an unacceptable picture can drastically increase your time spent in the US Embassy, and might even impede on your visa application acceptance. Taking the time to research the best way to take photos possible can make for a hassle-free interview.

 Boston Paternity knows all about how to make the immigration visa application process simpler than before, and one way is our DNA testing in Massachusetts. Our AABB accredited laboratories can help reunite you with your family that much faster.

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