Twins: One is a US Citizen and One is Not

Posted on October 11, 2017

How Is It Possible?Fast Immigration DNA Results

Boston Paternity’s team has seen a lot of unusual immigration DNA testing cases over the years, but there aren’t many who take the cake like this story shared by the California State Department of a set of twins where one is a US Citizen, and the other is not.

How did this come to be?

It all started in 2011 when Andrew and Elad Dvash-Banks decided to get married. Elad is from Israel, and Andrew shares a dual-citizenship in Canada and the United States. They moved to Canada, where same-sex marriage was legal, and began their life. A few years later, they decided they both wanted to have biological children. In 2016, an egg donor and gestational surrogate made beautiful twin boys possible- one child biologically related to each father. Canada recognized the couple as their legal parents and the birth certificates house both of their names.

It wasn’t until Elad and Andrew decided to move to California they faced hardship. With laws that connect US immigration policies to biological relation, both fathers and sons had to submit to DNA testing. Testing proved that Andrew and Elad both had a biological son, but Elad’s biological son was not eligible for US citizenship.

Their options continuing forward include Andrew applying for his son’s green card as his stepson or having to adopt him, though in another country, he is legally the father. Though there are legal outlets available, no path will be quick to ensure both children will be recognized as US citizens.

We share this story because some cases are complicated and overwhelming, especially for those who are going through the immigration DNA testing process on their own. Boston Paternity will work with you to ensure you are prepared for the immigration process with AABB accredited test results and guide you towards a successful application.

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