Two Dads, One Pregnancy. Can Twins Have Two Different Fathers?

Posted on May 22, 2013

It may be common to hear about women giving birth to fraternal or identical twins with uncertainty about who the father might be. Would you ever think it possible for a woman to be pregnant with twins and each baby be fathered by two different men? This is an issue that various women all across the country have been dealing with. This type of situation is a process called heteropaternal superfecundation.

In short, heteropaternal superfecundation occurs when a woman has numerous ovulations within a brief period of time and has intercourse with two men within days of the ovulation cycle. This can be either on the same day or over the course of a few days, as sperm can survive for many days. Heteropaternal superfecundation is a rare situation that not many people will face, however, those who are presented with this challenge can know that they are not alone and there are places to go to get the answers they and their families need.

Twins with different fathersDallas, Texas – “Mia Washington decided to get some expert advice when she and her partner noticed that twins Justin and Jordan had different facial features. Paternity tests then revealed what had happened – two eggs had been fertilized by two different sperm and there was a 99.99% chance the twins had different dads. Mia later admitted she had had an affair and got pregnant by two different men at the same time.”

This case was more discrete and did not disclose the name or location of the woman and her story. The woman was married and had two children with her husband but things were not working. Subsequently, she filed for divorce. When she was single she dated and met a man with whom she had an intimate relationship with. Two days after she slept with the new man, she ended up seeing her ex-husband and old sparks re-kindled leading them to sleep together. Several months later she went to the doctor to find out she was pregnant and expecting twins. A year after the birth of the boys she decided to take a DNA test. Several weeks later a letter arrived stating that there was a 99.9% likelihood that the boys did not have the same biological father.

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