Infidelity DNA Testing

For Your Peace Of Mind

Cheating is a word no couple wants to hear.  Individuals who suspect cheating should do whatever it takes to know the truth.  Boston Paternity can provide the confidential truth and certainty you are looking for.

Infidelity DNA Testing

Boston Paternity’s state-of-the-art Infidelity DNA Test is the newest method used to detect infidelity.  We use modern DNA technology to extract DNA from suspicious articles. Then we compare the DNA to yours.  If it is not yours, then your significant other is being unfaithful.

The Infidelity DNA Test is designed to give you certainty.  We are trusted by private investigators nationwide to deliver fast and accurate results.

Infidelity DNA Testing is a Simple Three-Step Process:

Step One – Screen the suspicious sample for the presence of DNA.

Step Two – Extract DNA from the suspicious sample.

Step Three – Compare the DNA profile from the sample to the DNA of the client.
The entire process is completed at a forensic accredited laboratory.  Your results are accurate.  The whole process is confidential.

If you need confidential, accurate, true answers call Boston Paternity; let us help you eliminate your uncertainty.

Learn more about Infidelity DNA Testing at our Infidelity DNA Test Procedures page.

Boston Paternity uses the newest DNA technology to prove infidelity. Boston Paternity’s infidelity DNA testing process has three parts.

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