Child Safety DNA Profile

Keep Your Child Secure With a Child Safety DNA Profile

A scary truth is that children go missing every day. A lost or missing child is every parent’s worst fear. If your child goes missing every minute counts in the search to find them.

Keep Your Child Secure With a DNA Safety Profile

Child safety is the focus of Boston Paternity’s DNA profile service. You will feel better knowing you have the information necessary to find your child in an emergency.

Boston Paternity offers the Child Safety DNA Profile as a security and protection plan. The DNA profile is safe and easy. It’s the most reliable way to positively identify your child.

Here’s what you will receive with your Child Safety DNA Profile:

  • DNA collector buccal swab kit with collection instructions
  • DNA collection instructions
  • Child Identity kit – This includes information that needs to be updated yearly including height, weight, hair color, eye color, and a recent picture
  • DNA Profile Card – This is a wallet-sized card that contains your child’s DNA profile along with all other identifying information.
  • Prepaid shipping envelope back to Boston Paternity – Send the DNA collection kits back to BP. Within 2 weeks you will receive the DNA Identity card and DNA Profile card. This is all you need in case of emergency.

You can update the identifying information every year. The DNA profile will remain the same forever, but your child will grow and their features will change. Boston Paternity will continue to send you updated cards, so your child is always safe.

This product is a great gift for new parents and those with young children.

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