Forensic DNA Testing

Forensic DNA Testing

Crime Scene / Forensic DNA Testing and Expert Witness Testimony

After a crime, investigators collect evidence and look to state crime labs to perform forensic DNA testing services. Crime labs work with prosecutors to obtain the evidence they need to convict suspects. As a defense attorney, you owe it to your client to review the findings of the prosecution and retest evidence when potential issues arise.

Boston Paternity provides expert forensic DNA testing services to defense attorneys both public and private. Services include DNA case review, Evidence screening and testing, and expert witness testimony.

Case Review

Prosecutors work with state crime labs to build a strong and convincing case against your client. They’ll test samples that will lead to a conviction. They write reports using complex terminology, which appears indisputable. The fact is, DNA evidence is based on statistics, which can be reported a number of different ways.

Defense attorneys can take steps to strengthen their cases by obtaining an expert case review. Boston Paternity’s advanced evidence screening laboratory is staffed with experienced forensic scientists and equipped with an arsenal of validated technologies. We provide rigorous and comprehensive screening services. Forensic experts will review the case reports and make recommendations based on findings. You’ll be provided with potential weaknesses in the report and situations where re-analysis may be beneficial. Overall, a case review is an invaluable forensic service provided by Boston Paternity to criminal defense attorneys.

Forensic DNA Testing

Many defense attorneys we work with believe a second opinion is essential to crime scene DNA testing results. The prosecution, along with the state crime lab analyzes evidence samples and produces a report used to convict a suspect.

The DNA testing process is extremely complex, and requires experience and expertise along with the newest techniques.

Boston Paternity can perform DNA re-analysis of evidence samples and produce a report for the defense. Our laboratory uses the most updated DNA technology to provide accurate and accredited results.

Expert Witness Testimony

Boston Paternity’s forensic experts are qualified to provide expert forensic testimony in criminal cases. Forensic specialists have the ability to explain highly technical DNA test results in a manner the judge and jury can understand.

The Solution for Forensic DNA Testing

Boston Paternity’s laboratory is accredited by Forensic Quality Services – International (FQS-I), the longest established provider of ISO accreditation to forensic testing laboratories in the Unites States.

Forensic experts provide customized service to each client based on your unique needs. We’ll work with you from start to finish to get the results you need. Call a forensic case manager for a free consultation.

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