Paternity DNA Testing

Confidential & Accurate Paternity DNA Testing

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Paternity DNA Testing

Boston Paternity has been helping clients gain certainty with paternity DNA testing since 1999. Attorneys and doctors turn to us for accurate paternity testing services. So can you.

Go through the four paternity DNA testing options below to determine which test is right for you. If you have questions, friendly case managers are standing by to answer them for you.

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When you need to know who is the father of a child, Boston Paternity can help. Our expert staff has been helping clients get legally admissible paternity test results since 1999.

ut your mind at ease. Home paternity testing is your easiest and most affordable solution. Samples are collected in the privacy of your home, so confidentiality is guaranteed.

You can prove paternity before the child is born. A large number of our clients choose this option because they simply cannot wait to know. Prenatal paternity testing involves some risk, but it is extremely accurate.

Get results without other parties knowing. Send us non-standard samples such as a toothbrush, chewed gum, clothing, or other article. You’ll receive accurate DNA test results within 5-7 working days.

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